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I Definitions.

The following uppercase words and expressions have the following meanings:

The landlord or House Manager - the owner of the House Manager company and the website www.noclegi-trojmiasto.com.pl
Tenant - client or clients of the Lessor, including a tenancy agreement with the Lessor.
Accompanying persons - all people using the rented premises.
Apartment - a dwelling, described in detail in the offer presented on the website www.noclegi-trojmiasto.com.pl, which the Lessor rents for a temporary stay for recreational or tourist purposes
Renting a flat - a short-term rental contract concluded between the Lessor and the Tenant on the terms set out in these Regulations. The contract is concluded when the booking is made.

II. General provisions.

These regulations specify the conditions according to which you can make a reservation and rent apartments in House Manager offer, ul. Władysława IV 32/3, 81-742 Sopot, and making a reservation is tantamount to accepting the provisions of the Regulations. In a situation when the Lessee does not agree to the provisions contained in it, he should refrain from making a reservation.
The concluded contract covers only the rental of the apartment - no meals or transport. The price given in the confirmation e-mail and on the website is the total rental price including all taxes, as well as fees for utilities and final cleaning.
House Manager reserves the right to refuse to accept the reservation and cancel it for any reason.

III. Terms of reservation.

Apartment reservation can be made:
- on-line by filling out the reservation form posted on the website www.noclegi-trojmiasto.com.pl

and confirming this action by clicking the "book" button;

- by phone at +48 723 948 266

- or electronically by sending an e-mail to biurohousemanager@gmail.com

Each of the apartments has an individual name. You should get acquainted with its location, standard, equipment and the number of available beds and their location.
After making the reservation, the Lessee receives an e-mail with information about the methods and dates of payment.
The reservation requires a non-refundable reservation fee (prepayment) of 30% of the rental price. Prepayment should be made in accordance with the online payment procedure supported by the website or by a simple bank transfer, within 24 hours of making the booking.
After booking the prepayment, the booking changes the status to "Guaranteed Booking". No payment within the prescribed period means withdrawal from the contract and automatic cancellation of the initial booking. The remaining amount must be paid at the latest when the keys are handed over to the facility.
If you do not arrive at the apartment, the prepayment amount will not be refunded on the day of check-in, and the landlord is not obliged to keep the apartment for the tenant in the next days of the planned stay.
The Lessee agrees to include his personal data in the House Manager database. The data will be processed in order to complete the reservation, facilitate making subsequent reservations or possible claims.
The tenant has the right to access their personal data, transfer them, delete or limit processing. The data will not be made available to other recipients and will be kept for a period of 10 years from the date of termination of the contract.

IV. Cleaning issues.

The Lessee and the Accompanying Persons are obliged to comply with the night-time prevailing in all House Manager apartments between 22:00 and 7:00 and to maintain good neighborliness and keep the building in good condition.
2. The number of people accommodated and living in the apartment may not exceed the number given during the booking. In the event of a breach of the order, House Manager has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect without refunding the amount due for the remaining reservation period.
The tenant is obliged to secure the Apartment in an appropriate manner, if it is left by closing the windows and the key door, and take care of the key carefully. In the event of failure to fulfill the aforementioned obligation to secure the Apartment, the Lessee bears full responsibility for any damage incurred by the Lessor in connection with the activities of third parties.
It is strictly forbidden in the apartment to smoke tobacco, candles, etc. and to introduce animals. The Lessee, in whose apartment the above prohibition will be broken, will be charged PLN 500.00 equivalent to the costs of washing curtains and mark-ups and other cleaning activities in the apartment.
The Lessee is obliged to immediately report the lack of equipment or damage found or done in the apartment. If the damage is not reported, the Lessee may be charged with the costs of repairing it. The Client bears full financial responsibility for damages caused in the Apartment and the building in which the rented premises are located.
In the event that the Lessee or guests are under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants, behave loud and at the same time posing a threat to other people and property, House Manager reserves the right to withdraw from the contract with immediate effect and remove the Lessee together with accompanying persons from the Apartment (in if necessary with the help of the Police), while retaining the right to pay for the entire amount of the booked stay by the Lessee

V. Customer responsibility.

The Lessee bears full responsibility for all damage caused by the rented accommodation caused by the Renter or persons staying in the facility and is obliged to immediately inform the Lessor about causing damage and to repair the damage
The landlord is entitled to deduct the amount due from the deposit for breaking the provisions of the regulations. If the value of claims exceeds the value of the deposit, the Lessee is obliged to pay the required amount. The Lessor reserves the right to charge the Lessee with a payment card.
When the Renter declines to be liable for damage and avoids taking procedural penalties resulting from breaking the provisions mentioned in these regulations, the Lessor prepares a report and then undertakes actions aimed at enforcing the relevant receivables, including bringing an action.

VI. Check in / out.

Check-in starts at 15:00. The arrival should take place within hours agreed with the House Manager staff. The Lessee is obliged to inform the staff at the latest one day before arrival about the planned time of key collection at the telephone number provided on the website. If it is not possible to reach the previously agreed time, the customer is obliged to immediately inform the HM service by phone. If it is possible after prior agreement with HM service, you can pick up the keys to the facility earlier. If you want to stay in non-standard hours, you will be charged an additional one-time fee: 20: 00-22: 00 (50.00 PLN), 22: 00-2: 00 (80.00 PLN)
At check-in, the client will be asked to:
- showing a valid identity document (identity card or passport)

- payment for the stay (in cash or by credit card)

- providing credit card or deposit information in the amount of 200 to 800 PLN

(the deposit will be refunded on the day of departure)

3. The HM service has the right to refuse to hand over the keys if the guest:

- does not have a valid ID card,

- is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants,

- behaves in an aggressive manner, thus creating a direct threat to other people and property

The hotel day ends at 11:00. The exact time of key collection by HM service is set individually with the customer the day before departure. A HM employee arrives at the apartment, picks up the keys and releases the deposit. Departure from the apartment after 11:00 without prior arrangement with the HM staff will be treated as an extension of the stay by another day and counted according to the current price list. In case of a check-out before 7:00 an additional fee of PLN 50.00 is charged.
During the high season, we accept minimum 4-night reservations. It is possible to book a shorter stay when the reservation is an extension of another existing reservation.

VII. Changes in the reservation / cancellation.

In the event of cancellation of the reservation, the prepayment paid is not refundable. The customer has the right to postpone the booking to another selected date in this year. calendar. The changes can be made only with the original length of stay, and the price at least 14 days before the planned date of stay. If you choose a new date in a more expensive season or a more expensive apartment, the difference in price is required.
In the event of early departure from the apartment by the reservation or late arrival at the facility, HM does not refund money for unused stay. Shortening the stay less than 14 days before the planned arrival obliges the client to cover 100% of the cost of accommodation from which he resigned.
At any time, the customer has the right to transfer free of charge to another person all entitlements due to the reservation, if at the same time the person takes over all obligations arising from this booking. In such a situation, House Manager should be informed immediately about the change of the person providing the personal data of the person who will take over the rights and obligations resulting from the contract.
The Lessor reserves the right to take action that can not be foreseen, the consequences of which can not be immediately eliminated by usual means of proposing a replacement facility similar to the object originally reserved to the customer. In the event of force majeure events, House Manager may cancel the reservation. This also applies to cases in which the personal security of the customer or his property for reasons beyond the control of House Manager can not be guaranteed. Amounts paid by the customer are subject to immediate refund, minus the amounts due for services already provided.
The landlord is not liable for any inconvenience caused during the stay related to: construction or finishing works that can be carried out on the premises where the apartment is located and around it, for reasons beyond the Lessor's supply of utilities (including electricity, water) , gas) or noise from neighboring properties.
The landlord is not responsible for the lack of water, gas, electricity if the lack of it is caused by interruptions in the supply of utilities by transmission companies, as well as for a gas furnace, technical or electrical equipment, RTV equipment / household appliances located in the apartment.

VIII. Final Provisions

The House Manager Maciej Prusiński does not bear any responsibility for property or personal damages incurred by the Lessee or third parties during their stay in the apartment.
The law applicable to disputes between the Lessor and the Tenant is Polish law. Disputes will be settled by the court competent for the House Manager headquarters.
The Tenant's personal data administrator is the Lessor.